The Kick Ash Bash

The Kick Ash Bash

By Mike McGrew on Mar 05, 2018 in In the News
The Kick Ash Bash

CLICK HERE to read the One805 Media Recap Report

As the torrent of Basecamp emails dwindles to a nothing, I wanted to post the Media Report I have just received from our amazing agency, Blaze PR. Erinn did an incredible job, resulting in a total media reach of over 290 million! Not bad for something that started out as a BBQ :) 

Take a moment to read the report, as it highlights every article, every radio interview and every TV spot. The “Click here” links are live and provide access to full stories and broadcasts. . It will make you all feel so proud to have been part of this amazing event. 

Until next year! 
(just kidding) 
Yes, actually .... 
(naaaah .....) 

  • View Media Report – One805-Media-Recap-Report-FINAL.pdf