About At Ease Support


At Ease is a program that offers support to first responders during times of need. First responders serve on the front lines to protect our communities, and often sustain wounds that are real and yet not visible. Founded by experienced first-responders in Fire, Law Enforcement and the Chaplaincy, we provide needed support for the men and women who protect and serve the public.  Support is available through programs such as Peer-to-Peer support as well as psychological and spiritual counseling. Training regarding the effects, care, and prevention of stress related injuries is also offered through our services.


The Kick Ash Bash

The Kick Ash Bash
By Mike McGrew on Mar 05, 2018 in In the News

As the torrent of Basecamp emails dwindles to a nothing, I wanted to post the Media Report I have just received from our amazing agency, Blaze PR.